Sunday, 5 March 2017

Smooth Festival of Chocolate is on!

The date for the Chocolate Festival have recently been announced, woo! We're excited! This is the third year and the third year, fingers and toes crossed, we'll be going.

The first year it was my niece and I and then last year my nephew joined us. I think it'll be the same three amigos this year - we are all really looking forward to it!

The last two years it's been in September but this year it's a month early in August and, as it happens, the same weekend the City to Surf is on. Not sure we'll do this though - it's 14km's people, 14! I'd rather be eating chocolate :-)

Now I need to start planning and saving (well, earning some money would be a good start). I've had a quick squiz at the hotel situation in Sydney and at the moment the prices are high! Even the hotels we've previously stayed at aren't cheap, I hope this changes over the coming months. I'm also hoping there's a sale on for the airfares too. At least with only being a couple of nights we can just take a carry on bag each so I can book the cheapest fare without having to pay extra for luggage. We'll most likely fly either Jetstar or Tiger as they are always, pretty much anyway, the cheapest.

I always like to find a 'fun' activity or two to do when I go away with the kids (I say kids but they're both taller than me!) so will have to put my thinking cap on. I need something cheap or even better free and 'fun'! Any ideas??

Now I've really got something to get me motivated and hopefully keep me motivated to get Rainbow Designs pumping out the orders like in the good old days! With Easter fast approaching (another year that's flying by) I am hoping things will pick up a lot plus I've added some yummy Easter Egg gifts too which in previous years have done well. I'm still tweaking and fiddling with the website (and haven't even broken it!) plus trying to regularly blog and Facebook without getting spammy (or boring, I'm not boring am I - no, don't tell me!)

This afternoon I'm going to kick back and watch the Supercars, write a few blogs and do a bit of online research for our weekend in Sydney in August. What are you up to? Have you been to the Chocolate Festival?

Jacqui ~ Rainbow Designs boss(y) lady and lover of any festival hen chocolate is the main event!

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