Wednesday, 22 March 2017

It's Handy Having my own Gift Shop

It's hard to surprise my family these days with presents because 'generally' they know sorta kinda roughly what they are going to get. I do run a gift hamper business so why not use said gift hampers for my own gifting?? Why not indeed!

What's not to love if you're a beer drinker?? Happy Birthday!
The lollies and chocolates are always very well received by the youngans and the beer hampers, lets just say, dad looks forward to my gift the most on his birthday ;-) With such a delicious range of products that go into our hampers I've always been able to find something or somethings for everyone plus I can get feedback too! It's been a great way to test out new gift ideas and products under the premise of 'happy birthday', ha ha.

This pleases the kids no end!
A few times when I've added something new I've actually had to order in an extra box of something just to set aside for visitor. Generally some form of chocolate, Easter is often when this happens - one box of Easter eggs for Rainbow Designs, one box of Easter eggs for family ;-)

Even I find it hard not to eat an Easter egg or two!
It's great that the family show so much interest in my business but I do wonder if it's just so they can get free samples :-)

Jacqui ~ Rainbow Designs boss(y) lady

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