Friday, 24 March 2017

A few errands and F1

TGIF!! I didn't have a super hectic week but enough to keep me out of mischief and fill my days so it's no surprise it's already Friday!

I went to a healthy eating talk at the school on Wednesday, truth be told I only went because there was going to be free food :-) It was quite an interesting evening in the end and we went away with some food (literally) for thought. I think the main 'take away', no pun intended, was to limit the processed food and drink and only have 'not so healthy' food a few times a month and not have it in the house all the time. The temptation is just too much. Chocolate is an exception ;-) This is quite an obvious thing I know but sometimes when the kids are fussy with their food and life is just getting a bit overwhelming it can be easy just to have some frozen bits and pieces in the freezer and packets of chips in the pantry for when the kids come home from school 'starving'! I really feel for my sister, I only deal with this intermittently when the kids pop in, my sister deals with this day in day out. So what ever I can do to help and support her I will :-)

Another visit to the library and another bunch of books to read in the coming weeks. Two biographies and two novels. 'Seriously......I'm kidding - Ellen DeGeneres', 'Life as I Know It - Michelle Payne', 'The Someday Jar - Allison Morgan' and 'A Wedding in December - Anita Shreve'

My drivers licence is due for renewal in April so I thought I'd get in early and get that sorted. The letter that came with my renewal notice said that most places now posted out your licence so it was best to renew a few weeks before your renewal date so it had time to arrive, although you would get a paper licence in the interim. Anyway, I went up to the local RTA, did the eye test (I wear contacts - passed!), paid my money (half price because I'm such a fabulous driver!), had my photo taken (do not smile) and then low and behold they were able to print it out there and then - woo! So technically I have two drivers licences now, funny considering I hardly ever use my car. I either walk everywhere or my sister does the driving!

The season of F1 is starting this weekend in Melbourne. I use to follow the F1's but have found it a tad boring the last 4-5 years so rarely watch it now. At least with it being in Australia it's shown at a decent time and I am assuming they'll be showing the V8's. I'll have it on in the background anyway, possibly mute it a few times when the waffle gets too much!

Enjoy your weekend, be safe, eat chocolate and balance that out with some fruit, and send a gift or two from Rainbow Designs. I'm off to help (I use that term very loosely) my niece with a PDHPE assignment, wish me luck!

Jacqui ~ Rainbow Designs boss(y) lady and excellent hider of chocolate ;-)

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