Monday, 3 March 2014

Happy 10th Birthday To Rainbow Designs

Happy birthday to us...
Happy birthday to us...
Happy birthday to Rainbow Designs...
Happy birthday to us!

It is our birthday and Rainbow Designs are celebrating 10 years in business – which is quite phenomenal when it comes to an online store these days.  We have seen many businesses come and go over the years and are quite pleased with our position in Australia’s market as the place to go for online lollies and chocolates.

When we first opened it took 3 weeks and 4 days to receive our very first online order.  If that was the case today then I would definitely be eating all the chocolates and lollies out of frustration.  Thankfully those days are long gone.

I am proud to be the owner of a business with such a strong track record and interestingly, if it was my wedding anniversary we would be looking at a gift of tin or aluminium; so I might just settle for a polka dotted tin of our English Lolly Mix to celebrate this momentous occasion and a glass of bubbly on the side.

Our range has grown over the years as we keep up with the online trends and the demands of our customers, although some of our products like the Big Sweet Tooth Box remain as popular as ever.

A huge thanks to all of our customers and clients, as without you, we would still be waiting for our first order.

Here’s to 10 more years!

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