Sunday, 23 February 2014

When You Want More Than A Little Gift

We see lots of articles about cheap gifts to buy for your loved ones or inexpensive but fun gifts to rock their socks and they, on most occasions, suit our needs. We have plenty of these in stock at Rainbow Designs and they are ideal for most gift giving opportunities.  But what about when you want to go completely overboard and show someone how insanely awesome they are by extending your budget slightly?  First, let me clarify – I am not talking a diamond ring or a brand new car – gifts ranging upward of $150 or more.  Whether it is an anniversary gift, a special birthday celebration, a thank you gift or even a retirement present, you might just find what you are looking for here.

Who doesn’t love soft serve ice cream – it is the quintessence of summer.  For $299 you get a soft serve ice cream maker, cones, chocolate sauce, fudge, and a variety of toppings as well as full instructions and even a recipe book.  Yes please!
Or how about a Boutique Beer Hamper to thank that mate for helping you move or for just being there time and time again?  30 bottles of beer would make for quite a gift and they may even let you have one of them.  $229 will get you lots of beer, 2 glasses, fact sheets, tasting notes and even some beer snacks to go along with it.
Our Food Lovers Hamper has always been popular.  The name kind of sums it up nicely – we are talking sparkling Brut, olive and herb antipasto, wood oven bread and spreads, fruit and nut chocolate, meringue bursts, cookies, chocolate sauce, fudge, peanuts, fruit and nut cake, salad dressing, jam, nougat and more.  Just add a few extras and you have the makings of a delectable and delicious picnic in which to savour and enjoy.  Oh and the price $299.

They will definitely know you care when they receive these gifts on their doorstep.  And of course all gifts promise to give you that warm and fuzzy feeling you experience when you do something extra special for someone.

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