Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Easter Crafts

We know that Easter isn't too far away as all of our Easter goodies have already arrived in-store ready for you to place your orders.  Check them out - they look scrumptious.  From filled chocolate Easter eggs to a gingerbread Easter egg and everything in between, my mouth is definitely watering.

Easter is definitely one of my favourite celebrations.  While admittedly it is just as commercial as Christmas from a non-religious perspective (albeit without the huge price tag), it is centred around one of my favourite subjects - chocolate.  What would life be like without chocolate around - dull, right? 

Easter is also a fun time to make some fun crafts with the kids and celebrate the beauty that the holiday has to offer.  And I do have a few favourites to share with you.

Try these Easter Glass Stained Windows for a start.  These faux stained-glass decorations look great on the window and give the kids an opportunity to show off their awesome creativity.

Or how about a cute cottontail bunny rabbit made from - what else - cotton wool?  A little delicate for a daily playmate, however he/she would look great as a centrepiece in an Easter basket or Easter display.

Decorating eggs of course has become tradition these days, so here are a couple of fun examples with a pretty floral theme.  The first involves colourful decoupage flowers and the second, courtesy of Martha Stewart, involves decoupage of beautiful botanical images although any image of course can be used. 

Let your imagination fly as you sit down and do your Easter crafts this year.

Don't forget that Good Friday is April 18 so all Easter orders should be placed by Tuesday 15 April to guarantee an early delivery.

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