Monday, 17 March 2014

Get Your Last Minute Gift Orders In

You wake up early, make a cup of coffee and log into your Facebook account only to see it is your best friend's birthday tomorrow.  You berate yourself because you made a promise not to forget her birthday yet again.  But then you realise that Rainbow Designs has your back with a  great selection of last minute gift ideas to choose from.  You take a deep breath and head over to to see what she may like.  You find the perfect gift for her and to celebrate, you order yourself a box of lollies too because you know her gift will arrive on time on her special day all wrapped up with tender love and care. 

Then you take a big sip of coffee and continue on with your day knowing that your day will be super awesome!

This may sound like a work of fiction but take it from us it happens regularly.  But we really do have your back.  Our Last Minute Gift Ideas section has 24 gift ideas to help you out when you need it.

Here are some of our favourites:

Sweet Treats Lolly Gift Box - a fabulous red sweet treats gift box filled with half a kilo of yummy lollies and chocolates.  Think pineapple chunks, fantales, milk choc buds, gummi bears and red frogs.

English Lolly Hamper - a fabulous, reusable Emma Bridgewater designed polka dot tin filled with a 2kg mix of delicious English sweets includes fruit pastilles, dusted jelly babies, wine gums and fruit salad gums.

Big Chocolate Box - a very very impressive kilo of "lipsmacking, can't stop at one, do I have to share?" chocolate box including milk choc buds, white chocolate freckles, cobbers and jaffas.  Yum!

The Sweetie Tin - a fabulous, reusable round "Welcome to the Sweetie Tin'  tin with a delicious 1.5kg mix of yummy mini English sweets includes jelly babies, dew drops, allsorts, dolly mix and M&Ms.

So now you know what to do when you have to place those last minute gift orders.  There is  no need to panic - just browse our gifts and place your order.  Then sit back and wait for the compliments to come flooding your way.

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