Tuesday, 16 May 2017

(Turkish) Delight in the Positive

Focusing on the 'not happening' has been doing my head in and, to be very honest, is not productive at all. I'm turning my focus on to 'what's happening', noticing the positive and blocking out (as best I can) the not so positive.

  • people taking the time to interact on our facebook page, whether it's a like or a comment, it is so very much appreciated
  • our instagram posts that get liked even if we don't post very often
  • polite and respectful friends of the kids 
  • parents who help out no matter what
  • sister who pops in on her way to work for a cuppa
  • friends dealing with their own dramas taking the time to help others (I'm looking directly at you Michelle)
  • helpful phone service from my bank
  • books from the library, I'll never having nothing to read
  • family who check in every few weeks to catch up on gossip (or pass it on)
  • changing to a cheaper phone provider (and it was easy)
  • stocking up on tuna when the supermarket has a 'reduced for quick sale' sale
  • finding a turkish delight at the back of the crisper (where else would it be)
  • understanding suppliers who offer assistance
  • fiddling around with the website and not breaking it
  • new Doctor Who
  • enjoying my TV shows without ads thanks to my recorder
  • photo albums
  • wearing perfume even if I'm not leaving the house
  • new roofing and guttering finally being installed after coming down in the recent floods
  • my snuggly pj jumper from a couple of years back still going strong
  • my niece shouting me lunch at Betty's Burgers (the southern style chicken burger was amazing)
What's been happening in your neck of the woods that you might have missed or not thought much about but has helped you get through the week?

Who likes Doctor Who, NCIS, This Is Us and Madam Secretary? Me, me, me and me.

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