Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Savings to be had, by you!

Over the last 24 hours or so I have gone through the website and reduced the prices of many of our fabulous hampers. Not because I think they're over priced, far from it I barely break even, but because things are oh so quiet and I'm hoping that a good old sale might fire things up again.

Not all gifts have been reduced but I may add more to the special page during the day, depending on my mood :-)

I've have always prided myself on having well priced and great value gifts so find it quite a challenge to have a 'sale' and not cost myself money. There's no point selling something for less than it actually costs to make right?? Not great business sense.

Little Sweetie Gift Hamper - $45 (normally $50)

I've marked down a lot of the most popular gifts, so these included the cheaper range, but I've also marked down some of the more expensive hampers as well as ones that aren't so popular (which I can't figure out why) in the hopes that people will notice them and think 'wow, that would be perfect for....'

If you don't need to send a gift to anyone right at this moment you are more than welcome to order now for a future event. Just make a note when you're placing your order, we would be more than happy to mark it on our diary and send when needed. Also, if you think someone you know might like one (or more) or our hampers to send to their loved ones please let them know about us, cheers!

Just Lollies - $26 (normally $29)

The lolly and chocolate boxes have always been our most popular gifts so I've even reduced them. Our $29 gifts are currently $26 and our $48 lolly and chocolate boxes are currently $43 - I might only make a few cents on them but if it means someone gets to enjoy a box of lollies who may not have, then I'm one happy lady!

Chocoholics Hamper - $65 (normally $75)
Chocoholics Hamper is currently $65 (normally $75) and the divine Vivani Hamper is only $69 (normally $80). I'm sure you know someone who would love a chocolate delivery!

These specials are set to end on Sunday, 14 May (Mother's Day) but depending on how they go and how I'm feeling and if I haven't gone broke, I may just extend the sale. Maybe......

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