Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Robin' me

hmm, it appears some delightful person, I shall call them robin, has decided that my life is just too easy and 'blessed' at the moment and they want some if. To be precise robin has been using my credit card to have fun. What's up with that robin? I don't even use my credit card to have fun, pay bills yes but have fun, not so much.

What a complete !@#$ you are robin and while we're at it robin, I hope the tickets you bought put you directly behind a pole next to a very drunk person who throws up, all over the new clothes you've just acquired, right as the concert starts and the kid you've left at home in their new cot has a nappy explosion the likes of which have never been seen before (just as you arrive home and your baby sitter leaves!). Enjoy your ill gotten gains robin as I'm onto you and so is my bank, hell has no furry like a woman who needs to pay a bill only to find her account is empty because of some twat called robin.

Thank you to my bank who have been straight onto it, Westpac you are awesome, robin you're still a !@#$.

[note: the name I used is made up but is exactly what they have done to me, ie robbing me.]

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