Monday, 9 December 2013

It's Christmas Carol Time

With only two weeks to go until Christmas, I can say without a doubt that the Christmas carol season has started. Wherever you go at this time of year it is inevitable that some store will have the carols playing. And for most towns, the official caroling season has started with "Carols By Candlelight" being held in the majority of towns around Australia.

I certainly don't mind Christmas carols as it is a great way to really get into the festive season and share in the spirit of Christmas.

What is your favourite Christmas carol? Some like the more traditional carols while others opt for the more up-tempo pop versions. CD sales for Michael Buble, Kelly Clarkson and Susan Boyle soar as people are snapping up the albums to impress friends and family.

December is such an enjoyable month especially with the Christmas parties and gift giving involved. We love being part of Christmas as we get to share in the Christmas spirit when we send our delicious gifts all over Australia. Our large Rudolph Gift Box has been sent to Darwin, Hobart and everywhere in between it seems.

Don't forget that we will be closed from Tuesday 17 December until 6 January 2014 so make sure you get your order in before then.

And while many of our gifts have sold out due to their popularity, we still have quite a variety on offer. Choose from a Christmas Lolly Jar for the kids or a Moet Christmas Hamper for mum and dad. And needless to say the Rocky Road Christmas Tin has been snapped up like there has been no tomorrow - what great taste you all seem to have. Yum - rocky road!!

We hope you are making the most of the silliness and fun that December allows and we wish you a delicious and magical Christmas.

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