Monday, 2 December 2013

December Traditions

I love December for many reasons, not only because of summer and Christmas (although they are both pretty awesome!) but for the traditions which families recreate year after year.
  • Do you start decorating on the same day each year or put your tree up on a specific day?
  • Do you use specific decorations or have a special way in which you decorate?
  • Do you drive around the neighbourhood to view the Christmas lights and decorations?
  • Does the elf on the shelf appear to monitor your children's behaviour?
  • Do you attend your local "Carols By Candlelight" concert every year?
  • Do you use an advent calendar in your house?
  • Do you have a Christmas CD which makes an appearance every December?
  • Do you leave out milk and cookies for Santa?
  • Do you hang stockings in your house?
  • Do you donate a gift or your time to a particular charity each year?
  • Do you bake traditional Christmas cookies or treats to share with your family?
These are just some of the traditions which families enjoy and experience together each year creating great memories and traditions to pass on to future generations.

And some of you have even added Rainbow Designs into the mix as part of your traditions for which we are very grateful.  We have many customers who order a gift box or two of lollies or chocolates each year as a special way to treat their family and friends.

Do you have any particular traditions which you or your family participate in every December?  Please share as we would love to hear from you.

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