Thursday, 21 September 2017

It's Always Christmas At Rainbow Designs

It may sound odd but it's true. We are always sending out wonderful hampers and delicious gifts, that every day feels like Christmas. We can definitely relate to the joy that St Nick brings to kids all across the world as we too, through our gifts, are putting smiles on many faces.

I mean who wouldn't want to receive a Cream Liqueur and Chocolate Hamper or a Big Chocolate Box delivered to their doorstep? We always have been the quirky alternative to flowers - and are proud of that fact!

And while I don't proclaim to know everything about business and get things wrong along the way, I do love making people happy. That's got to count for a lot, right?

So while it may not be Christmas yet, it isn't that far away - only 95 days in fact. We always keep a few Christmas gifts on our site for those who do like to order early, but will undoubtedly have a few more special gifts to add closer to the date for those last minute shoppers as well.

But between now and then, we appreciate you guys keeping us busy with all your orders and may those special times be celebrated today, tomorrow and in the future.

And as always, I eagerly await to receive that first Christmas order - it is a super exciting time for an online retailer like myself!! I just might have to don that red suit and white beard in honour of the festivities!


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