Thursday, 19 January 2017

Sweet tooth, me???

You should by now know that I am a true definition of 'chocoholic' but just to prove it once and for all - this is what I had for lunch the other day:

Chocolate pancake, chocolate icecream, chocolate sauce with chocolate chips!
And it was YUM!!! Pancake Diner at The Strand in Coolangatta.

Then a couple of days later I had this:

Chocolate icecream, chocolate coated, pretzels and cruched tim tams!
 Another winner from Cowch at Pacific Fair, their delicious Naked Pop (although mine's not very naked any more!).

Now I do want you to know that I do actually eat 'proper' food. This is what I had for lunch before visiting Cowch:

Prawn salad with sesame dressing
This delight was from Motto Motto, also at Pacific Fair.

Jacqui ~ boss at Rainbow Designs, sweet tooth, not paleo. (ha ha or maybe the prawn salad is!)

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