Friday, 20 January 2017


It's no secret that it has been a tad warm lately and by a tad I mean, wholly sweet baby cheeses it's HOT! My fridge is struggling, poor dear thing. It is only about 20 years old, they just don't make things like they use to ;-) My hair is struggling, it's never gone well with heat and humidity. By the end of the day I'm like Guy Sebastian when he was on Idol, go the fro! It's usually up in a messy bun most days but I swear the bun grows as the day and humidity goes on (and on and on).

I love the warmer weather over winter but sometimes a cooler day in amongst the heatwaves would be lovely. 26 degrees at midnight makes it very difficult to get to sleep and there's no aircon at my place, Just a teeny tiny fan on the bedside table. Cold showers are frequent here :-)

Gourmet Picnic Hamper - $125. Perfect for an indoor (airconditioned!) picnic.
Being that a lot of our gifts are meltable (can melt) we sometimes have to make the executive decision of holding off on sending orders. This is generally when it is extremely hot, like over 35 degrees hot. Most courier vans aren't refrigerated and the airconditioning generally doesn't make it to the back of the van. With this in mind and the length of time a parcel can be inside a delivery van we do sometimes delay despatch. This generally only holds up a gift for 24 hours and it's always much preferred to receive a perfect gift, possibly a little later than expected, than a melted mess.

We very rarely have any issues with heat and it affecting our hampers as we do try and pack them in a way that best protects the contents both from squashyness and the weather. 99% arrive as they left us but we do have the odd 1% that have come to grief along the way - this is always rectified as soon as it is brought to our attention.

What do you do when the weather is ridiculously hot? Hang out in the freezer section of the supermarket? (me - sometimes it's a big decision on what icecream or frozen fruit to get so I must linger a bit!) Join a gym just so you can use their airconditioning? (my neighbour has done this!) Become a personal shopper so you can spend your days in airconditioned shopping centres?

I hope everyone is coping. Please make sure you drink plenty of water - I'm always on at my dad when I see him to drink more water! Freeze some drink bottles or those icebricks and use those to help cool you down. This is something I've been doing a lot this week. Like a hot water bottle but reverse!

If all else fails, eat chocolate. It might not cool you down but it'll taste good, you might as well be hot and eating something yummy than just hot!

Jacqui ~ Rainbow Designs boss and currently hanging out in the frozen peas section of my local supermarket ;-)

TIP: Coles have Bulla frozen yogurt pops half price at the moment. $3.99 for 14. I've only had one, mango, and it was really yummy and refreshing. They're only small but a good size for hot weather and meltingness, any bigger and they'd just melt all over your fingers!

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