Monday, 14 November 2016

Gift Hampers for Christmas 2016

It's time to order your Christmas gifts! I know right, how fast has this year gone. October just disappeared in a blur and November is looking to be the same. I keep having to double check the date as I can't believe it's mid way through November already. I'm sure I missed a few weeks somewhere!

Sweet Selection - $70 delivered

With only about 6 weeks left until Christmas Day it is definitely time to get your Christmas orders in. We have traditionally found that the 2nd week of December is SUPER busy with last minute corporate orders coming in and forgotten family members who need a gift being sent asap! So don't wait too long, we want to ensure your gifts arrive before Santa does. This time of year always means that the couriers are extra busy and I mean BUSY so deliveries will take a little longer than normal.

To be on the safe side order your gifts within the next couple of weeks - not only will it mean you've got less on your to do list but it will ensure your gifts will make it under the Christmas tree ready to be opened on Christmas Day!

Some gorgeous, festive and yummy gift hampers that will make you the favourite of the family and with your work mates:

Our $29 lolly and chocolate gifts are perfect for friends and family with a bit of a sweet tooth.

Medium Sweet Tooth Box - $29 delivered
For under $50 you can bet that you will impress those worth impressing and wow those who didn't think you had it in you to buy the PERFECT gift!

Christmas Bubbles - $50 delivered
Now for your big families or group of friends our gifts over $150 will certainly hit the spot. These hampers aren't just a hamper they are a whole load of Christmas cheer! Filled with gourmet delights, chocolates, beer, wine, champagne, cheeses and dips even a fabulous ice cream maker with all the trimmings!

For All To Share - $200 delivered

We can't wait to receive your orders, our elves are standing by! CHRISTMAS DAY is Sunday, 25 December 2016 - NOT LONG!!

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