Monday, 7 November 2016

First Christmas Order!

Happy days! We received our very first Christmas 2016 order last week - from a very organised person indeed, great to see.

Just Lollies
 As you may (or may not) know things at Rainbow Designs have been very quite these last few months, actually pretty much this whole year has been quiet. I'm not sure what's caused things to quieten down. I've tried to keep my online presence active and relevant. I update Facebook regularly and am trying hard to blog semi regularly. I don't like blogging just for the sake of it but sometimes nothing's happening so I blog about anything and nothing!

I was so excited to see an order come through last week for Christmas, it gave me a little boost (which I desperately needed!) and hope that things will start to pick up in the coming weeks and we'll have a super busy festive season. Christmas and Easter have always been our busiest times, no surprise there I guess, but it is hard to stay positive and up beat when things have been a struggle this year.

Christmas Bubbles

I've updated the website and also added a bulk and corporate discount for all single orders over 30 gift hampers. 10% if you're wondering :-) Large orders are great and I always try and ensure we are offering the best hampers with the best price so it does make it difficult to discount them. I know businesses expect a cheaper price when they order larger quantities hence the discount offer but in reality for me my costs are exactly the same as is the delivery charges. No discounts for us. Being a small business has its advantages but also disadvantages, none more so than not being able to compete price wise with the bigger companies. Our buying capacity is not in their league. Our bulk buying is their every day buying! Having said that though, I believe we still offer very competitive prices and some people have even said our prices aren't higher enough! From the very beginning I always wanted to have gifts that were affordable and at prices I would be happy to pay myself. In doing this though it means my profit margins are extremely low and make it all the more important to keep a regular flow of daily orders coming in. Unfortunately this currently isn't the case but I'll keep plugging away!
For All to Share Hamper
Thank you to everyone who has ever ordered with us and thank you to everyone who continues to order from us - we maybe struggling to make ends meet but we are still enjoying running our little business. A private jet may never been in our future or even business class but as long as I can keep paying my bills
and eating chocolate I'm happy!

Have a sensational week everyone and don't forget to think of us whenever you need a gift, we are here to help you!

ps: Christmas is less than 7 weeks away!!

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