Sunday, 3 May 2015

A week away - Mother's Day!

Sunday, a day of rest and relaxation (for most!) and NEXT Sunday (May 10) is a day of celebration for mother's across Australia because it's Mother's Day - hooray!

Breakfast in bed is a must! Tea and toast or maybe bacon and eggs, cereal more your mum's things? How about pancakes with lashings of butter, maple syrup and scrambled eggs and some freshly squeezed orange juice (or just from the bottle). Include a hand made card and then top it off with a (wait for it) 'perfect for your mum' gift hamper from Rainbow Designs!

We've got quite a few for you to choose from and we're confident you'll find just what your mum loves. Is it tea and cake for her well deserved morning sit down or maybe it's a box of all her favourite chocolates for when she's watching her favourite shows (Rex in Rome and White Collar!) or possibly her favourite tipple - wine, bubbly or maybe she's a rebel and loves her scotch! What ever you mum's favourite, just for her she deserves it, thing in the whole world is - we're here to help.

Place your order and include a heartfelt message for the gift tag, which we'll neatly hand write for you, and then sit back and wait for the 'oh my goodness, you are the best son/daughter a mother could ever have!'. You've only got a week left so you need to get your order in now.

Here are a few hamper ideas to help you:

This sweet gift hamper is just $50 and is made for the mum with a sweet tooth. It's filled only with sugary goodies, perfect to say 'you are super sweet mum'.

Little Sweetie Gift Hamper

or we have the Cravings - Pick Your Mix gift. So you get to pick your mum's favourite mix of lollies and/or chocolates. Now who's the favourite child?? This yummy gifts is just $40.

Cravings - Pick Your Mum's Mix
I'm tossing up between the Afternoon Tea Hamper and the Executive Gift Hamper for my mum. They both include some wine (or bubbly) and a raft of delectable goodies to satisfy any hardworking mum. Maybe I'll just have to get her both??

Executive Gift Hamper

What are you planning for your mum?

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