Monday, 22 September 2014

Doctor Feelgood To The Rescue

There is nothing worse than being laid up in bed unable to move especially when you are feeling sorry for yourself.  And if he has the man flu well - look out.  You know that means that he will be unable to move at all and you will have to nurse him back to health.  A broken leg, a bout of the flu - Rainbow Designs knows just the man for the job.

We have someone who can help cure all ails - Doctor Feelgood is his name and when he pays a visit to your door he leaves his doctor's kit behind and brings his trusty box of lollies instead.  His funky white noodle box filled with a half kilo of yummy M&Ms, clinkers, jelly babies, race cars, caramel buds, chocolate bullets and more will soothe and satisfy.  Forget those aches and pains - this gift hamper will make you feel better in no time at all.

Sometimes the doctor is unable to make house calls so the nurse comes on his behalf.  Nurse Bear is just as capable of tending to your needs and she follows Doctor Feelgood's methodology by bringing along her box of mixed lollies and chocolates.

Both Doctor Feelgood and Nurse Bear are securely packed in a cardbox box with tissue paper and gift wrapped in colourful Australian made wrapping paper.  They also come complete with a hand written gift tag with your personal message.  $50 including postage and handling and your gift of choice will be on your recipient's doorstop at no time at all.

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