Monday, 16 June 2014

World Cup Snacks

World Cup fever is everywhere. Has it taken over your household or even divided your household? Amazing how one sport can have that much effect, much like the AFL does when individual family members support opposing teams.

No guessing what my snack of choice is when I sit down to watch a game (hint: it involves chocolate or lollies) however I have spotted many articles recently which are giving some great inspirational ideas on what to serve with a particular game.

How does Chilean barbecue chicken sound for the Chilean match (admittedly it sounds pretty good!)? Or fried spicy potatoes in support of Spain? Bring out the hot dogs or bratwursts for Germany vs the US and for Italy vs England, you could choose between fresh bread, meat and cheese or the great British staple, fish and chips.

This is really a fun way to make an event out of the game. Do some research to find out a popular dish from a particular country, preferably something you don't eat regularly and serve it up to friends and family.  You are really only limited by your imagination and your search engine.  

Depending on how good your culinary skills are, you can really experiment and amaze your friends and family with your international cuisine.

And for dessert, why that's where our chocolate and lollies come in handy!

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