Monday, 9 June 2014

Facebook Fun

We have been having a lot of fun on our Facebook page over the last week or so trying to determine which candy is the preferred favourite over another; you might just be surprised by the results. 

M&M's vs Jaffas

Winner:  M&M's

M&M's vs Smarties

Winner:  M&M's

Licorice Bullets vs Freckles

Winner:  Licorice Bullets

Licorice Bullets vs Fantales

Winner:  Votes are still coming in but it looks like Licorice Bullets will be the overall winner

Some lollies seem to be extremely popular regardless of which other lolly they are up against.  M&M's and Licorice Bullets are two of my favourites and it seems I am not alone in this opinion.

If you do have a preferred favourite candy whether it be Licorice Bullets, M&Ms or some other delicious choice, we have a Craving - Pick Your Mix gift allowing you to select only your personal favourites, one kilo of them to be exact.  You can choose from 46 different candy selections and it will come packaged in a reusable gift box just for you or a friend (or both if you plan to share).

Perfect for the fussiest of individuals and for those who crave a particular lolly over another.  You can imagine their surprise when they open this gift - whether it be 1kg of Red and Green Frogs or 1kg of Chicos and Milk Bottles - you know it will definitely be appreciated.

What would go in your Pick Your Mix selection?

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