Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Hampers over $150 but so worth it!

I started off Rainbow Designs with a very limited range at very low price points and have gradually added and improved what we sell. For the most part I have tried to keep our gifts under $100 and still include the delivery in the price but there are some hampers that are just worth spending a bit more for (and some people!).

These hampers following are priced from $160 all the way up to $490 (which is an absolute show stopper!!) and I believe they are all worth their price tags, I wouldn't sell them if I wouldn't buy them. I've always only stocked gifts that I would personally either want for myself or would be very happy to send a loved one and know that they would be thrilled when they opened it (and possibly share with me!).

So to start off I would like to introduce you to:

All You Can Eat - it is priced at $490, our most expensive gift hamper but it is what it says, all you can eat (and drink) and then some! It's great for family gatherings, such as a family reunion or a milestone birthday plus it also works great for staff and business functions - a great show piece. It has 7 different types of alcohol, numerous snacks and nibbles and an endless array of gourmet delights and sweet treats. Something for everyone that is for certain.

All You Can Eat - go on we dare you!
Now this next hamper is a change from what we call 'Traditional' hampers but still with that classy gift hamper feel about it and did we say 'impressive'?? Our Soft Serve Ice Cream hamper has been a Christmas time gift winner since the day we released it on Rainbow Designs. An unexpected gift but a very welcome gift especially with these hot hot summers we've been having. We love the fun and frivolity of this gift hamper and going by the feedback we've received so do our lovely customers. It's an investment gift I guess being at the higher price of our gift hampers ($299) but if you're gifting it to a family or group it works out very reasonable plus they'll certainly get your moneys worth with all the icecream they'll be whipping up - a great idea for a dessert bar at parties too!

Soft Serve Icecream Gift Hamper
Another fun gift hamper in this range is our Popcorn Hamper and at $160 it'll make movie night worth staying in for! What you save on going to the movies you can use to splurge on this great hamper. Everything is included in this gift to make movie night or any night really, a night to remember! A superb quality popcorn maker (and it's easy to clean), an absolute truck load of popping corn and some yummy toppings to make your popcorn extra special. We've found this gift to be popular for younger crowd, such as 18th birthday, moving into their first home and as a family gift at Christmas or Easter time. Another wonderful gift idea that can be shared so makes the price very reasonable plus it is something that will be used and kept for years and years and maybe passed down the family or kept at nanny's for the when she's on baby sitting duty!

Popcorn Hamper
For an occasion that calls for something that little bit special and something that can be kept and used again and also brings with it joy, love and happiness I've picked our Something Very Special Champagne Gift, $200. It's a relative new comer to our range and it was selected with 'love' in mind. Naaaaw. The quality is superb both in the Champagne itself and the accompaniments. The stunning stainless steel ice bucket will be something to cherish as will the gorgeous Laurent-Perrier champagne flutes. It's a timeless and elegant gift with a touch of romance. Engagement, wedding and the purchase of a first home have been celebrated with this gift and for every anniversary after they will be able to relive and enjoy that moment. It can make an any day into a special day, no ring needed.

Something Very Special Champagne Hamper
There are four other gift hampers in our over $150 range all offering something different and something special. There are two more gorgeous gourmet hampers along with a Christmas hamper and a gift for the wine lover, something different but impressive and will definitely show the recipient how much they are appreciated.

So next time you are in the need of a gift with a touch of style, elegance and a bit of wow please have a look at these hampers as I just know they will not disappoint.

Jacqui ~ Rainbow Designs boss(y) lady and romantic at heart.

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