Sunday, 27 September 2015

Beer Gift Hampers

Some people are just naturally difficult to buy for! Each year as their birthday approaches you somehow manage to work yourself up into a sweat trying to decide what they need.

Let our beer hampers come to the rescue...ranging from $60 up to $130 (postage included) these beer hampers will brighten the day of any beer (or cider) loving recipient.

Beer is the most widely consumed alcohol and the third most popular drink after water and tea. It is also one of the oldest prepared beverages - did you know the Egyptians were working a little under the influence as they built the pyramids in Giza? And in Ancient Babylonia if you brewed a bad batch, you would be drowned. Now that's a serious hobby!

Here are a few of our popular gift hampers.

After Work Beers Hamper - $130

This After Work Beers Hampers is the ultimate in gift hampers - a mix of brews for the beer connoisseur to sample and enjoy.

This hamper features 12 different international and Australian beers, Lime Soya Stix, beer nuts and corn chips, all presented in a wonderful hamper for easy gift giving.

If you send this gift, there might even be a beer or two in it for you if they are feeling generous.

The Ultimate Cider Gift Box - $60

If they love cider then this Ultimate Cider Gift Box is for them.

Fun, affordable and full of quality products, their birthday will be a winner with this gift arriving on their doorstep.

This cider gift box includes apple cider, pear cider, roasted peanuts and a quality made cider glass. This gift box is a taste sensation and makes a change from our lager packs.

His Favourite Hamper - $90

Four premium boutique beers, corn chips, salsa, beer nuts, caramel coated peanuts and pretzels. This mix of food and drink items to tempt your taste buds sounds pretty good doesn't it?

It is definitely one of our most popular beer packs and one of my personal favourites.

And what's more, if you have forgotten their birthday, you can also choose express post on any of these hamper options to ensure it arrives as soon as possible.

You might have heard the quote "I've got 99 problems and beer solves them all" - well from your perspective it solves the biggest problem of all, what to buy them for their birthday.

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