Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Moving on up

We're moving on up, moving on up......up north. Not north to Alaska but north to Murwillumbah! Hands up who knows where Murwillumbah is? High five to you!

Murwillumbah is on the Far North Coast of NSW (about 20 mins south of the Queensland boarder) and is known for Mt Warning, the Banana Festival and the Austral Cafe! (mmmmmm cheesecake and vanilla milkshake or maybe chips and gravy).

Moving is not fun, do not let anyone tell you otherwise!! Anyone who says it's easy has never moved before or has employed others to do everything. Box everything, unbox everything. Empty the wardrobe, fill the wardrobe. Empty the bookcase, fill the bookcase - good grief, did I live in a library! On a side note: I just went to the local op shop (in search of a dining table) and bought 4 more books! I also found some fabulous chairs, $10 each people!! but someone beat me to them. booo. I digress (but I do love a good op shop outing!).

Ready for the fun to continue! Will it all fit?

Not only did I have to pack up my housey things I also had to pack up Rainbow Designs - lollies, chocolates and boxes galore! Do you know how torturous it is driving your car with a boot load of lollies and not thinking to put some in the front! I organised for a removalist to take the majority of my stuff but didn't trust them with my confectionery goodies (although I didn't really trust myself, I swear those M&M's were calling me on the drive up!) or my precious items, like my gorgeous nan's tea set or my vast array of jugs and salt & pepper shakers. I am a collector NOT a hoarder (do not ask my family to confirm this). ;-)

My house warming gift!

After a few delays I'm finally all bunkered down here in Murbah (it's what us 'locals' call Murwillumbah), Rainbow Designs is all up and running to full capacity and in a fabulous new work room/store room and, as a bonus, the Toll drop off point is just down the road!

I'm still getting use to my new little place and still in need of a dining table and decent bed but other than that I'm all set to conquer the world cook cheese on toast, make my lolly boxes and enjoy the next chapter of mine and Rainbow Designs life.

Head worker bee & chief taste testers desk!

Have you moved recently? Any mishaps? I packed my computer charger in a box the removalists took, yay for smart phone! (not so much 'smart' people)

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