Monday, 24 November 2014

H Is For Hampers

And you know we have them - in abundance.

What I love about gift hampers is that you can give them as a gift for any occasion.

I love you - here's a hamper.  Happy anniversary - here's a hamper.  Merry Christmas - here's a hamper.  Get well soon - here's a hamper.  Haven't seen you for ages - here's a hamper.  New baby - here's a hamper.

There doesn't seem to be an occasion where a hamper is not suitable.  Breaking up with your boyfriend - here's a hamper.  Bon voyage - here's a hamper.  Happy birthday - here's a hamper.  You broke your knee - here's a hamper.  See, what I mean?

We have stocked up on Traditional Gift Hampers (TGH for short) for the festive season and if it is your intention to get them to your recipient in plenty of time, we recommend you order them by mid December so you don't miss the boat.

And gift hampers don't have to break the bank - here are 5 hampers all less than $100 including postage.  Now that would put a smile on anyone's face.

Christmas Tea & Bikkies - $79

Tea, biscuits, honeycorn, bon bons, lollies, toffees and nougat bars.  A mix to suit all tastes.

This is a great festive purchase and includes plum pudding, shortbread, beernuts, wafers and cashews.

Happy Holly Hamper - $80

Shortbread, gingerbread, cookies, jam and brandy glaze will put anyone in the Christmas spirit.

Festive Treats Gift Hamper - $90

Brandy glaze, rosemary lavash, plum pudding, crispbread and orange chocolate - all things to tempt and tantalize.

Christmas Bubbles Gift Hamper - $50

It's not Christmas without some bubbles in sight; this gift includes bubbles, chocolate and a plum pudding

There truly is a gift hamper for every occasion.  So starting from $50 - you can purchase a gorgeous gift hamper without breaking the bank.  Surprise someone today - they will thank you for it.

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