Monday, 8 October 2012

One Thing At A Time

Reading this blog post from Valerie at Enterprise (SMH) has helped me calm down. Things need to change, as I mentioned on Thursday, but when I started thinking of everything I need to do I got dizzy and then ate a lot of chocolate (it’s never far from my desk).
Breaking things down into bite sized pieces is the only way to get things done and done properly. So the first thing on my list is to rearrange and reorganise my office and storeroom - they are a mess. I don’t know where things are, stock is everywhere, paperwork is piling up and up and up and things I thought I’d run out of turn up the moment I place a new order - this does not help with good cash flow, well the flow out is great but in not so good!
Currently there are boxes and boxes and boxes of stock, stuff and a few mystery boxes (a bit like Christmas) piled all over the place (OH&S compliant I’m not but this is soon to be fixed and I’m the only one here at the moment). It is quite cleansing and cathartic doing a bit of a clean up (oh and I just realised it’s the beginning of spring, even though it’s bucketing down outside, so it is perfect timing!) but very tiring. I’m probably about a quarter of the way through and my back is a tad sore but I can see the beginnings of a light at the end of the tunnel so I’ll keep on keeping on.
Next up: Sorting out all the paperwork I have just filed away - it may look neat and tidy but I do actually need to do something else with it. BAS for one, argh

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