Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Time Out!

We all need some down time from the busyness (a word?) of everyday, whether it be reading, knitting (you’ve seen my attempt in a previous post!), gardening or even sudokuing (maybe a word?) it’s good to just do something because you want to not have to. It helps us recharge and relax and clear our minds, even if only for a short time. I know with running my own business it can be all consuming, I eat, breath and sleep Rainbow Designs (although the eat parts not so bad!) and find it so hard to switch off. This is not a productive way to run a business as I find I end up going round in circles - a break is the only thing that helps, even if it’s just 10 mins flicking through my latest copy of Notebook. Weekends are another time that can get over run by ‘the business’ especially with the computer only a few metres away. It is so easy to sit down ‘for just a few minutes’ and find half the day has disappeared, I’ve done that many a time and then later on think ‘what did I actually achieve’? Now I know, sometimes it is unavoidable working long hours including weekends but you need to make sure it doesn’t become the norm or else you’ll burn yourself out.
Taking time out should be a permanent part of your day, like doing orders, ringing customers, paying bills, they all need doing to keep your business running smoothly and your sanity in check!

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